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Tackle Loaner Program - Our tackle loaner program
puts rods, reels, and bait in the hands of kids who would
not otherwise have to the opportunity to fish.  We also
have a mobile station and bring it directly to you.  
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Tackle Loaner Program
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  • Casting Contest
  • Tackle Loaner
  • Fishing Clinics
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  • Benefits

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Fishing Clinics                              and More ...
Casting Contests
Casting Contest - We host various casting contests
throughout the year.  The free contests let kids cast for
prizes and medals.  We usually have the contest during
city summer festivals and even at some of our sponsors
parking lots.  
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Fishing Clinics
Fishing Clinics - We host various fishing clinics
advanced fishing techniques to all those who want to
learn.  Some of our clinics are day and sometimes
two.  We adapt each clinic and classes as needed for
age groups and location.   
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Fishing Derby
Fishing Derby - We host fishing derbies throughout the
year and assist with others derbies.  The free derbies
are the most enjoyable events for everyone.  We do
fishing derbies for cities, churches, sponsors, and have
never turned down a request.
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Fishing Tournaments
Fishing Tournaments- We host a yearly tournament for
adults and/or youth and occasionally hold other benefit
tournaments. Mostly consisting of fellow Sheriff
Deputies, Police Officers, EMTs, and the Public....even
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JC Bass Tournament 2018 Forms -
Here Entry
JC Bass Tournament 2018 Forms -
Here Rules
High School Fishing - We support the local High School
Bass Fishing.  Currently the DeSoto, Kansas club of  
Connor Nimrod, Brayden Brummer, Kyle Bell, Cole
Zade, Garret Stonestreet and Trevor Watts.  
High School Bass Fishing
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Gardner Fishing Derby -   Sept 15th, 12pm to 2pm, Gardner City Lake. Participation
must pre-register with the Gardner Parks Department. You can visit them by clicking
HERE for full details.

Edgerton Fishing Derby -  Sept 29th,  10am to Noon, Registration begins at 9am,
Edgerton City Lake.  You can visit them by clicking
HERE for full details.