Milestones in our Cops n' Bobbers
2005 - We retired the old logo and gave "Bob" a new home upon a Badge.  The design was made my Deputy Greg Smith of the
Johnson County Sheriff's Office.  Deputy Smith designs a host of logos under Extreme PD.  He also is a decorated semi-pro
photographer and helped photograph this years Edgerton Derby.  We used old reliable "Bob" for years since 1992 under Bass
n' Badges Cops n' Bobbers.  This year at a spur of the moment he was given the new home to be placed on the side of the
new trailer.  He is now a trademark and placed proudly on a badge.  If any other Cops n' Bobbers program would like to use or
need a logo like "Bob" please contact Deputy Greg Smith (
see contact page) and he can help you design your distinct logo.
2005 - was a milestone year for Cops n' Bobbers.  We not only started a website to keep you informed of our
events and what we can do, but we invested in an Event Trailer and redesigned our logo giving "bob" a new
home.  We like to thank our sponsors of the trailer.  This was a huge expense for us and will make our
events easier and allow us increase the number of events.  Our sponsors details our listed on the Sponsors
page and we can not begin to thank them enough.  Their help got them a spot on the side of the trailer and
a place in our hearts.  The smiles you see at our events is in part to their support.  

Thank You!

Jackie Canaan of Las Vegas, Ron Cannan of Hillsdale Kansas, Tracker Door of Olathe Kansas, Lumber 0ne of
Desoto Kansas, St. James Academy, Landers Christmas Trees of Spring Hill Kansas, Casey Brothers Sinclair
of Mission Kansas, Spruytee's Automotive of Olathe Kansas, Dr. Cantrell DDS of Olathe Kansas, Dr. Prater
DDS of Olathe Kansas, Lt. Steve Quigg, Edgerton Historical Society, Rita Moore and the City of Edgerton,
Chuck and Frankie Cross of Edgerton Kansas, Dr. Shelor of Spring Hill Kansas, The Shoop Family of Paola
Kansas, Deputy Mark Leiker, Deputy Bob Hamilton, Johnson County Fire Department Local 3559, New
Hieights Trailers of Strasburg Colorado, and Sign Here Inc of Gardner Kansas for the great logos.   
2005 - Cops n Bobbers purchased a
new event trailer.  The trailer made its
debut at the Edgerton Derby and was
a major success.  The logos and
sponsors were displayed on its side
and provided by Sign Here Inc. in
Gardner Kansas.
2006, 10 years - This marked our 10th year and one of the best funded events we have had.  As always, area business,
deputies, and citizens, contributed to provide us with the funding for prizes and awards.  Like in every year, every child is a
winner.  This year kids walked away with everything from a skateboard to camping kits and all thanks to many of you.  T-shirts
were provided by Edgerton Quarry and proudly displayed their name on the back.  Hot dogs by Price Chopper, along with chips
from us, and Soda from Pepsi, made a great meal.  The smoked hot dogs were served by David Fesenmeyer from Sigh Here
Inc in Gardner and was a real treat.   
2016 - Celebrating 20 years - This marked our 20th year
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