Helping others is what we love
Wilder Event - A benefit tournament in
fall of 2002 helped Kylen with a the
purchase of a new chair, pictured here
with our winners
Lt. Robert Sturm, veteran Officer of the Johnson County Sheriff's Office fell ill to cancer.  He fought for over two years and
finally lost the battle.   A humble angler and friend, he would not hesitate to help us, but would be the one not to ask for
help himself.  Sturmy jumped at the chance to fish every benefit tournament we have put together and enjoyed countless
hours on the water with his family and many of us.  He will be sadly missed, but we will remember the times we spent and
the smiles he gave us.
Rob and Family
Jeffery Gullion, shown here with the
Undersheriff Burger.  Gullion won a
boat we raffled for Rob raising
We love to take on benefits and help those who need it.  If you have someone in need and want to host a fishing event
or fund raiser contact us and we would be glad to help.
Contact us if you have a special
Rob Sturm Event
Kylen Wilder Event
Kylen Wilder was in the need for an assisted power chair.  Kylen the son of veteran Officer Casey Wilder of Johnson
County Sheriff's Office we jumped at the chance to help and did a benefit tournament
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