Our target is our youth
Casting Contest
Our Casting Contest were expanded
from the occasional one every couple
years to three a year.  We will typically
attempt to do 2 or 3 a year held one
each in the cities of Edgerton, Desoto,
and sometimes Spring Hill.  They
coincided with the city's existing special
event days.  We provided prizes to all.  
Each contest  began directly after the
parades on that Saturday and
concluded when we run out of
contestants or otherwise had to
Casting Contest Rules -   Simple,
Kids of all ages can cast to targets for
Just a few of our winners
After a few practice cast most of these youth were on their
own and letting the jigs fly.
Casting Contest
We host various Casting Contests where requested,
however we typically do at least 2 a year.  The cities of
Desoto Kansas and Edgerton Kansas are 2 of our visited
With only as staff of two, we always had a line waiting for us
as over 30 kids casted for medals and prizes.  
We always encourage family to help as this father gives his
daughter some tips.  After just a few suggestions, she was
casting away.
Kids cast for prizes, and sometimes awards, depending on
the format.  Everyone is always a winner with prizes
supported by Kansas Wildscapes, OK Kids
Staff Glen Johannsen gives some tips for this no stress fun
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