We get you the gear, you have the fun
Mobile Tackle Loaner
We provide up to 24 rods/reels, tackle,
and bait.  We bring the gear to your event.
Tackle Loaner Program
Mobile Tackle Loaner
Its as easy as check them out and fish.  
(fish not included)
Tackle Loaner Event - The Tackle Loaner Program was
designed to put rods/reels, tackle, and bait into the hands of
kids that would not otherwise have the opportunity to fish.  
Two different ways have been implemented.  The fixed
station now located at the Johnson County Library in
Edgerton.  This station provides up to 8 rods/reels that you
can check out like a book.  Along with that you get a tackle
pack that you can keep with an instruction book.  Everything
you need to get you fishing.  This was designed for those
who have never or rarely fished to get them started.  This
program has been ongoing since 2002.  The other program
is the mobile station.  This brings up to 40 rods/reels, tackle,
and bait, to your event.  This was designed to provide gear
not only to new fishermen, but those who may fish and did
not bring what they needed.  
What is the Tackle Loaner Program?
Tackle Loaner Program - Check out  the Sponsor Page to view our current sponsors or how to help
Mildale Park - Every Fall we assisted Mildale Park with a tackle loaner
event.  Fishing Rods, along with bait and tackle, are loaned out
throughout the day as kids fished some large ponds in a great setting.
Some fished for hours and some just minutes, but it provided some good times with family and friends.  Many fish were
caught and all enjoyed the other events at the park like pumpkin painting, wagon rides, and a campfire with treats.
Timber Ridge - Every Spring we help the Johnson County Parks with the Tiber Ridge Annual Open Park.  Along with paddle
boats and a climbing tower, Cops n' Bobbers provided rods/reels, tackle.  Those who come our rewarded with some fat
Timber Ridge - The park is usually a special event park, so its a treat for the gates to be open for all, for information on
the parks benefits see
Johnson County Parks Department.
Mildale Park - Most fish are caught on worms and were just the rights
size for a small fight, although there are a few reports of giants the
broke lines.