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Fishing Clinics
Fishing Clinics
Fishing Clinics are provided approximately once a year
and at various locations.  The events teach everything from
baits to casting.  We include such things as safety, hook
and landing fish, rigging up your rod and reel, and fish
identification to mention a few.   
Fishing Clinics are a fantastic
way to get kids involved in
outdoor fun.  We provide
basic fishing techniques,
however we can also teach
some advanced tactics.  Our
instruction is designed for
youth, but we also enjoy
having adults sit in with their
kids.  We try to end the day
with a trip to the lake, if it can
be arranged and weather
permits.  Contact us if your
interested in hosting a Clinic
Larry Shoop teaches how to tie on hooks and rig up bobbers
to an eager crowd at the Tie On station.
Deputy Leiker stays busy with the Bait section of the program.  
He showed students what different baits to use.
Special guest instructor, Tony Adams, shows the rod and reel
station showing different rods and reels and how they work.
Deputy Carl Alvano keeps them focused with his knowledge
at  the Fish ID station.
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